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Polyester is fossil fuels, no way around it. It is made from synthetic fibers, created by melting PET plastic pellets (read: burning fossil fuels) and emiting harmful chemicals into our atmosphe by shedding microplastics and microfibers everytime it is produced, washed or even worn. In this respect, plastics are not even made to be recycled, as they continue to shed toxic components even in its reuse. Why does this matter? These plastics have infiltrated everything around us, in our oceans, our fish, our rain. They carry disease-creating bacteria, and its toxicity compromises our health with endocrine-disrupting properties that impact our hormones and development. And BTW we don't even know what actually happens to this material at end-of life, because it has only existed since the 20th century and we're still waiting for it to decompose, which could be anywhere between 400 to 1000 years. Despite this, the fashion industry has recklesssly allowed Polyester to now represent 52% of all textile fibers, according to the UNCC Fashion Charter.

Step 1: rid or reduce our reliance on polyester. All of Rock Daisy's fabrics are made from 100% natural fibers, with Lenzing TENCELTM certification on almost 90% of the line list, certificate upon request. Read here for more info on the sustainable properties of TENCELTM. Natural fibers are a renewable resource that can be reused, recycled, and easily decompose at end of life. While our buttons are made from natural shell, and we've avoided using elastics and plastic casings in design, we do acknowledge that our zippers & labels are still at this time woven from synthetic fibers. However we know this is not perfect, and we continue to search for options made from natural weaves, but still close to source.