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Rock Daisy was created for you, your comfort, your confidence, and your commitment to making changes for Earth.

The climate is changing. This is scientific fact, and we need to contribute to the green transition. What is the climate? It is the system of land, ocean, ice sheets, atmosphere, and life. The climate controls the sea, temperatures, humidity levels, and eventually determines our basic life necessities such as agriculture, access to clean water, and overall living comfort. Basically, the climate system holds the reigns on our rich diversity of life. Doesn't that sound like something to sustain?

So how high can we risk temperatures rising? Today we are at 1.1°C but based on current levels, we will hit 2.3°C by 2050, which is above the science-backed target. The 2015 Paris Agreement, along with IPCC research, set targets to limit warming under 1.5°C, the evidence-supported climate planetary boundary, and maximally 2°C. To reach this, we need to keep carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to ~350 parts per million (ppm). But today we are at 419 ppm. The Paris Agreement also requires country & corporate emissions to halve by 2030, and become net zero by 2050. Today's action is at a reluctant snails pace: companies have not only failed to meet the 2030 target, but are publicly restating their goals, to for example claim they will plateau their emissions by 2030 instead. Cue: climate anxiety.

While we know the greatest impact for change (and hope) comes from institutions and corporations, there is more that we can do as individuals to contribute to the transition than just waiting around. There are many ways, in many different consumption aspects of our life - see Shiokfarm, Scoop, Anywheel, the LTA (!). And I created Rock Daisy to provide an alternative for Fashion.

Whether you're aware of it or not, we hold power in our individual actions and choices. And while none of us can predict the consequences and impact of our actions, that does not justify inaction either. Otherwise, what else does it mean to be alive?

Let us show you how we work to make an environmental difference. 

Brand Name

The Rock Daisy is a flower, weed actually, that grows in mountainous conditions with zero or limited water.
Despite the odds, this resilient flower perseveres and stands tall in the grass, confident of its existence.

During a hike in the Tirol Alps of Austria, I chanced upon this little surprise, as I sat out of breathe, taking in the view. This memory (and video) remains with me in Singapore, as we do our part to build a sustainable future, and to remind of nature's beautiful resilience.

Love always,