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the fabric of the future

Why Tencel™?

We've chosen to utilize this botanic certified traceable fiber in 90% of our line assortment. Here's why:

If there's anything all Singaporeans appreciate, it is a high-quality and trusted product. TENCEL is this premier fiber for textiles, whose trademark is owned by Austrian company Lenzing AG. TENCEL is known by many as "the fabric of the future", as it can be silky soft, luxurious, yet has high fibre strength when wet or dry, and soaks up up 50% more moisture than cotton. It is also breathable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and sustainably sourced, if it is certified TENCEL Lyocell. For longevity, it is less vulnerable to fading, less likely to shrink, and not prone to thinning or pilling over time.

Okay, but what is Lyocell? Lyocell is actually a form of viscose, 3rd gen for you nerds. It is a semi-synthetic fiber, in that it is sourced from natural raw materials, but then modified and partially dissolved by chemical processes. Rayon comes from wood pulp, Modal from birch, Bamboo Viscose from Bamboo, Seacell from seaweed, and Lyocell from eucalyptus trees.

So why is TENCEL Lyocell better than the rest? Well for starters, Lenzing eucalyptus trees are ethically sourced from responsibly managed forests (FSC certified) and are cut rather than uprooted so that the tree grows back quickly. Eucalyptus trees are also fast growing, usually on arid land that is unsuitable for agriculture, requires no toxic pesticides, and very little water to survive, much like our beloved Rock Daisy flower.

Further, when utilizing TENCEL Lyocell, rather than conventional lyocell, it is produced utilizing Lenzing's unique closed-loop system which means the water and solvents used to process eucalyptus wood chunks into botanic fiber is 99% reused and recycled, minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment. Based on third party certified lifecycle assessments, TENCEL Lyocell is over 50% less emissions intensive than conventional lyocell. 

We'll take this moment to also highlight that our fabrics are dyed using HUNTSMAN dyestuff (certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100). At our supplier dye facility, the wastewater is 100% recycled via an intensive treatment process, and turned into clear drinkable water, or used for subsequent dying processes.

Discover our TENCEL™ certified pieces now.