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Article: Introducing Rock Daisy: Women’s Apparel with a Modern Contemporary Edge

Introducing Rock Daisy: Women’s Apparel with a Modern Contemporary Edge

Introducing Rock Daisy: Women’s Apparel with a Modern Contemporary Edge

In a time where fashion cycles run on microtrends, Rock Daisy steps out of the race with modern wearable designs that stay in style. It's our way of making you feel good, choose better, and look your best.

Made with 100% natural fibres, Rock Daisy apparel is moisture-wicking and breathable to forgive the heat and humidity in Singapore. Complement your wardrobe with classics that stay with you through the seasons.

Say Hello to Rock Daisy: Singapore’s Homegrown Women’s Fashion Brand

Rock Daisy stands at the intersection of comfort, function, and sustainability. From design to sourcing to construction, we work with partners who believe in our mission. Our premium TENCEL™ fabric is sourced from West Java for a buttery feel that boasts twice the strength of cotton. Working with a Japanese-trained patternmaker with over 20 years of experience, we design every piece to reflect the way the female body moves with generous spaces that never take away from a refined silhouette.

For founder Rachel Liou, the decision to focus on women's apparel at Rock Daisy was natural, shaped by her upbringing on our sunny little island. "It only makes sense that our apparel is designed for Singaporean women," she explains. “I can talk to her, I see how she dresses, where she's going, what she's doing, and what she wants to wear." Rachel's roots in Singapore allow her to create pieces that consider the practicalities of living in a tropical climate. After spending years abroad, she brings back with her an intentional business model that speaks to the local community.

Inspiration Behind the Name: Rock Daisy

Rachel first met the wildflower hiking in the Tirol Alps of Austria. Amidst the grass, stood a Rock Daisy, a testament to nature's ability to endure, adapt, and flourish in challenging conditions. This encounter now finds its resonance with the birth of the apparel brand — Rock Daisy, echoing the resilience of its namesake. Our brand stands tall driven by a mission to weave sustainability into the fabric of our future.

The Mission Behind Rock Daisy Apparel

In the sea of polyester-obsessed fast fashion, starting a clothing brand in Singapore with a sustainable mission is how we take action against fashion’s ugly secrets – pollution and emissions. While sustainable fashion in Singapore has carved a niche with a bohemian aesthetic, Rock Daisy steps into the scene to provide a modern contemporary alternative.

Here’s how we put our sustainable principles into action: 

  • Designed to Last : Rock Daisy apparel will remain with you for years because our sewing techniques make sure of it. Double stitches and flat-felled seams for stronger side seams. Topstitching on the shoulder and pocket lines to reinforce areas with high movement. Unlike our fast fashion counterparts, you don’t have to worry about Rock Daisy pieces unravelling in the wash.
  • 100% Natural Fibres : All of Rock Daisy's fabrics are made from 100% natural fibers. Natural fibers are a renewable resource that can be reused, recycled, and easily decompose at the end of life. More specifically, we use TENCEL™ certified fabric in 90% of our product line sourced from responsibly managed forests with FSC certifications. TENCEL™ Lyocell is better for the environment and your closet being vulnerable to fading, less likely to shrink and not prone to thinning over time.
  • Short Supply Chain : Wide-spread supply networks are a major source of carbon emissions for fast fashion brands because of the transport of goods along multiple countries throughout the production chain. At Rock Daisy, all of our garments are spun, weaved, cut, sewn and finished in West Java, Indonesia so we keep our production close to the market in Singapore.
  • Small-Batch Production : In an industry of excess, we are committing to small-batch production. Sticking to limited quantities allows us to maintain tight control over the production process, so each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. Our mindful manufacturing practices challenge the toxic norm of overproduction and the resulting tonnes of textile waste from fast fashion.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging : We use natural and wood-based products for end-consumer e-commerce packaging. With packing alternatives like biodegradable plastic, we reduce our carbon footprint while our pieces are on the way to you.

Must-Have Pieces From the Latest Rock Daisy Edition

We have curated some of our favourites from Edition 1 of Rock Daisy that decode the trilemma of style, function and comfort. You can have it all. These pieces are designed to give you the freedom to wear them exactly the way you want to – even if that changes during the day.

Tasha Oversized TENCEL™ Belted Shirt Dress Green

Tasha redefines the long-sleeve game, with its lightweight poplin TENCEL™ fabric making it breathable even in the humidity. Featuring an oversized fit, pointed collars, elongated cuffs, and a side split for casual allure, Tasha boasts functionality with 4 pockets. The buttonhole belt-loop detail offers styling versatility, wear it fully buttoned, cinched, or as an open throwover—each option radiates elegance and comfort.

Alex Boxy Cropped TENCEL™ Short-Sleeved Shirt Black

Alex is ready to go places. From work to the beach to dinner, the lightweight poplin makes it suitable for any weather. Wear it your way with its rolled-over collar that can be pressed down into a bowler’s collar for a more casual look. There’s always room with an oversized fit and a functional pocket to make space for you and your essentials.

Amelie Sleeveless Zipped TENCEL™ Dress Cream

Amelie embodies the essence of understated elegance. She was brought to life by draping directly on a mannequin, hiding darts in the neck and bust. The silhouette is flattering without sticking to the body. Make it your own with how low you go with the exposed zipper that adds an edge.

Put on Rock Daisy for a clothing brand in Singapore that considers your style, values and the weather. To browse through our full catalogue, check out our latest edition here.

For styling inspiration, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates on our latest releases, follow us on Instagram at @rockdaisy_.

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